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Interior design
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Urban design
Together, we design feelings, memories & experiences.

I take care of your new project from concept design to full building operation. I am licensed to draw & supervise the construction of buildings, landscapes and urban communities.


I am here to guide you through the complex process of design, encourage you to challenge any deep-seated design trends you might be subconsciously following, and work with you to create designs matching your unique taste, personality & lifestyle.


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Designing for your replenishment.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Heba, and I am a licensed architect in France and Egypt. Welcome to my virtual design studio.


I design spaces, buildings & entire districts for homeowners, contractors & consultancy firms. 


My specialty is bioclimatic design, an approach in design focusing on the use of natural systems to create thermal comfort in spaces.


As an architect, I strive to deliver designs with the power to contribute to your health & wellness. I believe healthy spaces are those allowing you to live in harmony with your environment & your unexpressed self.

In an era of increased artificialness, reconnecting with nature brings balance.


your design trip
I invest more time in getting to know you.

My mission is to deliver spaces meaningful for you: you are at the center of the design process.


I adopt a human-centered approach to design because I believe the most beautiful spaces are those designed by the people using them.


My approach to design is experimental & sensory, free of any preconceived ideas in design. I am here to find ways to express your uniqueness, to know which design rules to follow & which ones to break. 


Our design journey starts inside your right brain, where I take you on a trip to discover the inner designer in you & identify the unique mix of sensations & emotions you need in your new place!


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Please share your concerns with me and I'll do my best to help you. If it is not my specialty I will refer you to the specialized consultant.


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