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We provide personalized  design services for busy homeowners & professionals.

We design the empty spaces, the privacy levels, the visual relationships, and your future comfort zones, giving them new meaning & definition.

We solve your spatial problems, transforming challenges into opportunities for increased practicality. Spaces are optimized to their full potential.


We prepare the execution details for immediate implementation, You get a detailed design package with a cost estimate to avoid surprises.  Get started now.

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We design to save energy & create thermal comfort in spaces.

We work remotely from Cairo on projects all over the world. HKA's founder, Heba Elkalyoubi, is a registered architect in France and Egypt. Inspired by the Parisian sense of indulgence, she takes pleasure in creating spaces combining elegance & comfort.

We promote bioclimatic design, we design buildings to save energy, and plan their interiors to make the best use of the natural energies inside the space.

In interior design, we specialize in hard interiors. We are here to create the perfect base for your interior furnishings. You need your space divisions & hard surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings) to work towards - not against - your desired final look. We also set the direction for soft interiors.

"Heba Elkalyoubi is part of this generation of architects who are particularly interested in the relationship between the design, the building materials & the construction process while being very sensitive to the environmental aspects of design."



Prof. Hubert Guillaud / HDR, Scientific director of AE&CC Research Unit

CRATerre-ENSAG Research Laboratory, Grenoble, France


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We work with you to identify the unique mix of emotions & sensations you need in your new place.

You can start by taking our design questionnaire & receive your personalized answers for free!

Meanwhile you can take our spatial needs questionnaire & send your project details by email.

Select the design services you need from our online shop & get ready to see your space transformed! 

Your design is  delivered to you with all details!


Remember, I'm always happy to hear from you.

Are you confused about anything in the construction process of your house?

Do you have any questions about energy-efficient design?

Please share your concerns with me and I'll do my best to help you. If it is not my specialty I will refer you to the specialized consultant.


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