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Complete makeover & visualization.*

•Two initial design concepts to choose from.
•Furniture layout.
•One final Interior design moodboard.
•3D visualizations of the space (three shots)
•Custom Furniture design.
•Furniture, art, and accessory selection. Two choices of furniture to 
choose from.
•Color scheme selection.
•Lighting selection.
•Digital delivery.
•This service does not include meetings in office or shopping 
•One design revision allowed after final design has been submitted.

Price for a bedroom (up to 25 sqm)


* Conditions apply. Please review link on top with downloadable pdf file of ROOM MAKEOVER PREMIUM with all details prior to your purchase.

Room Makeover Premium

  • HKA is a custom Interior Design service, providing the customer with unique design options for their specific space. The service is a multifaceted process that includes conceptual development, space planning, research and presentation. The fee for this service rendered is not returnable.